Tuesday, October 19, 2010



To the first and the foremost, ALLAH SWT, the Gracious ALLAH, for giving me strength and determination in completing this thesis. ALHAMDULILLAH. To the very own supervisor, PUAN NORAZEAN SAARI @ MD. NOH for her support and guidance, thanks a million. For her supervision and invaluable advice throughout the development, will be one of the most memorable in experiencing this. Special gratitude will goes to my beloved parents ABD. AZIZ HAMZAH and PARIDAH HASSAN for their very own encourage and support ethically and financially. To siblings who took care of my necessity when I need most and for their love and understanding with what I’m going through. For friends who support me emotionally, who always are by my side, who share the joy and laughter together, who give accompanying whenever I need ones, we share our own days and nights; Aida, Hishafina, Hidayah; my gratitude will always be with you guys. I’m thanking all of you from underneath of my heart.

this is what i wrote for my thesis acknowledgement. haha! lawak pulak bila baca balik. sungguh dramatis! buat kawan-kawan yang mana nama beliau tak di sebut dalam thesis aku.nama korang tak berapa glamer kat faculty aku. ehehe! tapi apa-apa sekali pun' terima kasih jugak kepada mana-mana yang tak di sebut nama tu, sebab sudi teman kan aku mengeteh meredekan tekanan buat thesis ni. kamu tahu kamu siapa!

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